Key Stones and Monuments

The Old Town Cemetery is situated at the Top of the Town in Stirling amidst a ‘constellation’ of world renowned tourist sites. Indeed, The Esplanade of Stirling Castle forms the eastern boundary of the site. The cemetery expanded from the original Holy Rude Kirkyard between 1857-59 into the adjacent Valley and Mars Wark Garden. The site of the Drummond Pleasure Ground was purchased in 1862.

Overall panoramic views can be gained from the cemetery across the carse of the River Forth. All of these features have been influential in the design development. The essence of the site is as a didactic landscape which celebrates the establishment of Presbyterianism in Scotland. This is a unique landscape with no other cemetery in Britain laid out to convey this message. The site is of outstanding Cultural, Scenic, Historical and Architectural value as well as containing outstanding examples of Works of Art.