Alice Julia Marshall


1891 – 1987

Alice Marshall, buried here with her parents, was a pioneer not only of women in medicine but of female doctors working in hospitals.

A ‘Daughter of the Rock’, Alice Julia Marshall was born at 31 Snowdon Place in April 1891. Her father, David, was a dentist. Dr Marshall attended Glasgow University where she graduated M.B., Ch.B in 1917. After graduation, she joined the staff of the Pathology Department of Glasgow Royal Infirmary, where she spent her entire career. Her speciality was gynaecological pathology: following the death of a leading pathologist she completed and edited his partially-finished work on the subject, which became a standard text-book of its time. Dr Marshall was also instrumental in providing a blood transfusion service for Glasgow Royal Infirmary, well before the now familiar Blood Transfusion Service came into being. A lively lady, Dr Marshall took an active role in the Women’s Medical Federation: she was renowned for her hospitality, and held parties in her home for her friends and former colleagues until she was in her 90s.